We provide a wide range of insurance products and mortgage solutions for you and your family and we take care to ensure that they are chosen from reputable providers and that what we present for your consideration is best suited to your circumstances, lifestyle and budget.

Insuring Your Life


Whether you want to protect the life you're living now or take care of your family if something happens to you, Life insurance provides a lump sum of money if you die. In some cases a portion or the entire ‘sum insured’ is paid out before you die if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. We can help you choose life insurance that’s designed to fit your life, change when your life does and ensures that your family is taken care of after you're gone. It’s easy to apply for, easy to afford, and easy to change as your life does.

Insuring Your Health


Your health is precious. If you fall sick and can’t work you will need money to pay the bills. Insurance can help you make ends meet if you are unable to earn your normal income. There are many types of health-related policies such as:

  • Medical insurance, which covers private hospital care and specialist and test cover.

  • Trauma Insurance (also called Critical Illness), which provides a lump sum if you are diagnosed with certain illnesses such as cancer, stroke, heart attack etc. 

  • Income protection insurance pays a percentage of your income on an on-going basis if you cannot work due to illness.

  • Disability insurance, which pays out a lump sum for permanent disablement through sickness or accident.

  • Mortgage protection insurance to cover your mortgage if you can’t work.

Insuring Your Income


Disability Income insurance provides on-going cash-flow and/or income in the event that of a disability or illness preventing you from being able to work.
It is a fact of life that we all get sick and sometimes seriously. The cost of recovery from an illness like cancer or a heart attack can have a huge impact on you. The cost of treatment for serious illness can put a severe strain on your finances and the finances of others that depend on you. Food for thought, 2 in 5 men and 1 in 4 women between the ages of 20 and 64 suffer a critical illness.  
Income Protection Cover pays you a regular monthly payment if you’re unable to work temporarily or permanently because you are sick or injured. Income Protection Cover is designed to provide you with money to live on while you’re not receiving your salary or wages. 

Insuring Your Business


Start-up Income Protection
Starting a new business is challenging enough without having to worry about how you will cope if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury. Running your own business may provide greater freedom and independence but you also have more responsibilities than you would have as an employee. 
Are you prepared for all eventualities? Could you afford to be ill for several months or suffer an injury that puts you out of action and requiring expensive hospital treatment? Would you have sufficient income to pay your way and create continuity for your business?
Start-up Income Protection Insurance provides income protection for newly self-employed by providing the benefit of monthly payments made if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury. 

Business Continuity Insurance
Business continuity provides a monthly payment to keep your business running should you, as the owner of it, become disabled as the result of an accident or ill-health and be unable to work for more than 10 hours per week.
Key person Insurance
Key person provides a lump sum to headhunt a replacement, train and induct that replacement, pay a competitive salary and maintain business continuity for the maintenance of client relationships, creditors and business profitability. 
Locum cover
This covers the reasonable costs of recruiting a locum to step into your shoes and carry on the business while you are totally disabled. 
Business Expenses Protection
Business Expenses Protection is designed to protect your business, not just your income. On its own, or when combined with Income Protection, Business Expenses Protection gives you up to 100% cover for your eligible business expenses, or the costs incurred in engaging a Locum to replace you in the business while you are totally disabled.

Insuring For Trauma


Trauma insurance provides choices and long term adjustment to lifestyle in the event that a major medical / critical illness / trauma condition occurred, preventing you from working in the short to medium term. 
Trauma Recovery Insurance


Trauma Recovery Cover pays you a lump sum to help you recover physically and financially from a serious illness, injury or medical procedure. The most common illnesses linked to trauma insurance in New Zealand are cancer, heart attack, and stroke.

ACC Cover Plus Extra 


ACC Cover Plus Extra provides a level of pre-agreed compensation in the event of an accident related event preventing you from working and enables you to minimise your ACC levy obligations. It is a flexible alternative to ACC CoverPlus and enables you to negotiate your level of lost earnings cover. 
ACC CoverPlus Extra is available to all self-employed and shareholder-employees who do not pay PAYE and who work 30 hours or more per week and you don’t have to prove loss of earnings when you make a claim.

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